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At Debate Camp we aim to provide one of the best, camps of its kind, where it is clear that kids develop skills in a safe, fun and well organized experience.

This was a shot in the dark for us — our son took an online debate course and loved it, so we figured we'd find a camp for him in this vein. It exceeded all expectations. Great staff, great program, we were very impressed and happy. Thank you!

Boston parent - 2023


Excellent program and camp experience. Our daughter really enjoyed both the day camp and over night camps this year! Thank you.

Toronto parent - 2023


The food at Bowdoin was great! I had filling meals throughout the day that powered my learning and after-camp activities. I'd go again just for the food if I had to!

Maine camper - 2023

My kids came back talking about debate camp which is a sign that it was a good thing. They were engaged and my daughter even suggested that she join Model UN in School. Debate is a great skill to have!

Boston parent - 2023


My daughter has found her people when she is at Debate Camp. This is invaluable! Thanks so much for offering a great product for these kids.

Toronto parent - 2023

I absolutely loved the camp! Made so many friends on the first day! Amazing and friendly counselors and kids. totally coming back next year.

New York camper - 2023


My daughter is 14 and loved meeting other teens. She was well taught on basics of different debate and felt challenged. She really liked the teachers. Happy camper and parents!

Ottawa parent - 2023


My son had a wonderful experience at camp. He felt encouraged to develop this new skills, enjoyed the structure and topics, and found the tournament really fun. Well done on running an engaging and fun educational summer camp!

Vancouver parent - 2023


Thank you Debate camp. My daughter came away from the camp very enthusiastic about debate. She was also able to articulate very well about the format and debates that took place. 

Connecticut parent - 2023


Wonderful! I hope you'll continue to offer this program in Greenwich, CT for many years to come!

Connecticut parent - 2023


My son thoroughly enjoyed the one-week debate camp. It was a fantastic experience for him, introducing him to the world of debate and allowing him to meet a diverse group of fascinating individuals. The camp's environment was welcoming and supportive. He gained confidence in expressing his thoughts and ideas, even in front of large audiences. He is eager to return next summer, as the camp left a lasting impact on him. Thank you for organizing such a valuable and enjoyable experience.

Vancouver parent - 2023

Thank you for making this a remarkable first impression of debate.

Victoria parent - 2022


I only regret not signing up my child sooner as he LOVED it and wish there were more weeks available!


Really like the jeopardy and shark tank. Like how the debate rounds were organized. Model United Nations and tournament at the end were awesome - thank you!

Connecticut camper - 2023

My child had a really great time and learned a lot! Your counsellors are engaging and energetic and so kind. Thanks for a great week!

Providence parent - 2023

We were blown away by the quality of experience and education. Thank you!

HalIfax parent - 2023


This is our second year and my child loves the experience.

Montreal parent - 2023


My 10 year old daughter had a wonderful time. She went not knowing anyone (turns out 3 boys from her grade were there) and had a great time meeting new people and learning new skills. We will definitely be back next year.

King City parent - 2023


This year, my daughter found the experience very rewarding. She felt challenged, and told us that she could feel improvement in her debate capabilities as the week advanced. This is her second year in person, and could not have been better. Thank you so much!

Providence parent - 2023


Excellent and very topical debate subjects!

Maine parent - 2023


My tricky 13 year old sign up out of whim and is very interested in returning next year!

Calgary parent - 2023

Olivia LOVED being at Debate Camp and already asked to return next year. She had an amazing time.

Vancouver parent - 2023

My daughter loved this camp. She came last year and wanted to come back this year. It was by far her favourite camp all summer. She enjoyed it once again.

Montreal parent - 2022

Firstly, you meet a lot of interesting people. Secondly, you feel a lot more engaged than in school. It was awesome! 

Boston camper - 2022

My daughter very much enjoyed the camp, especially the MUN experience. Counsellors were excellent! Overall, a tremendous experience and a positive introduction to debate. Thanks so much for a fantastic week! My daughter truly enjoyed it and had lots to talk and smile about after each days experience."

Toronto parent - 2022

I had a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it all very much. There were good people, good staff, interesting seminars, and I found my first ever rounds of debate exhilarating. It was a really good experience, thanks!

Vancouver camper - 2022

Big THANK YOU for a great experience and fantastic time at the Debate Camp. The camp was educational, fun and very well organized. Thank you! 

St Catharines parent - 2022

I absolutely loved this camp and hope that I can come back next year!

Toronto camper - 2022

My child loved debate camp. It was the highlight of his summer, he is hooked. Thank you.

Portland parent - 2022

My daughter enjoyed her week at camp. The experience reinforced skills that were previously covered in her debate team and she appreciated the diverse topics. My daughter felt that her camp counselor was attentive, engaging and supportive.

New York parent - 2022


I liked this week. It was very fun and I learned how to properly debate rather than argue. 

Danvers camper - 2022

At first I thought it was boring, then after the first hour it turned amazing and I ended up having a phenomenal time all week. 

Victoria camper - 2022

It helped me get better at public speaking and debating. It was a lot of fun and I made lots of new friends. 

Toronto camper - 2021

We don't know how you made debate camp such an enriching program for children but you have the formula down pat. Our daughter came home every day with her wheels fully pumped, her bucket filled to the brim. She regularly told us all about her day - and that doesn't always happen after camp or school. She was just so excited and needed to bring her family into the fold. She has now taught us how to debate and gave her sister the bracelet she made for her. From my heart: thank you!

Halifax parent - 2021


My kids really enjoyed the camp. So much so, that they want to return next year. They especially liked the MUN experience.  

Victoria parent - 2021


Fun, interesting, exciting. That’s the words I would use for this debate camp. I loved MUN day. The counselors were really cool. The games were super fun. I loved the debates and interesting topics. 

Montreal camper - 2021

Great experience for my child. It can be hard to find others with similar interests; debate camp has shown my son that there are other kids who like the same things as he does.

Online parent - 2021


I learned so much about the importance of confidence when debating. The counselors made it so much fun and the UNO games were a great way to start the day. 

Montreal camper - 2021

My son was not excited about this camp but ended up loving it! He had a wonderful experience!!!!

Boston parent - 2021

The improvement in my public speaking. It’s VERY FUN and I got to talk which I enjoy! THANK YOU for the wonderful experience. 

Vancouver camper - 2021

I had a really fun learning experience overall! It really helped me develop my self-confidence and speaking skills that will definitely be a big help in the future. 

Toronto camper - 2021

Our daughter had a really great experience. One of the coolest things was meeting kids from another country without being able to travel there. She also really loved one of the counselors and said she was so inspiring and kind and gave her a lot of confidence. It was really cool to learn so much about actual debate, for a kid who's already pretty into arguing. Overall, although we're kind of sick of Zoom, we really admired and appreciated the chance to do this camp.

Online parent - 2021

I had a great time at Debate Camp this year. I learned so many new skills that i was able to incorporate into my speeches.

Greenwich, CT camper - 2021

My son has attended several debate camps and has enjoyed each one immensely. 

Toronto parent - 2021


A new experience and lots of fun! 

Halifax camper - 2021

I think this camp was amazing and the best camp I’ve ever been to, just because of many reasons - one of the biggest reasons was because of the counselor. I learned so much from her because I learned a variety of topics.

Boston camper - 2021

I had a really great time at camp and I’d like to especially thank my counselor for introducing more topics and ideas. Thanks for a great week! 

New York camper - 2021

Well organized. Professional. Challenging but fun!

Online parent - 2021

I felt I had learned a lot in camp this week and improved in my debating skills greatly. I also had a lot of fun!

Providence camper - 2021

At the very beginning I had to push them to try the debate camp.  After the first experience, I did not have to push anymore.   They have been enjoying the online camp so much that as soon as they finished the ones I signed up for, they both came and told me they wanted to do more.   They grow with more confidence particularly when they have the chance to do public speaking in school. 

Woodbridge, CT parent - 2021

We initially signed our son up for Debate Camp to introduce the idea that both sides of an argument have merit and that healthy conversation includes debating and discussing both side with an open heart and mind. What our son gained from the experience was so much more! Our son now examines ideas and concepts from all angles. He's able to look for the "big picture" and no longer focuses on being right or winning an argument. Our sibling "arguments" have no become heated discussions and debates versus "heated arguments!" I would encourage any parent to introduce their child to debate.

Georgetown, ON -parent - 2020

Debate has introduced and taught me skills to always question ideas, beliefs and concepts that we often commonly accept in society. In short, debate ha open my world up! I find I am now looking for how to make connections and consider how things are all interconnected. I am no longer willing to accept things without thoroughly examining them from all angles.

Ontario camper - 2020

I have to admit, I was skeptical about debate online. My children had attended the program in person and loved it. Seeing my children stuck at home with no extracurriculars during COVID, I signed them up for debate. They loved it!!! I have two very different children and the program met both of their needs and I never had to remind them about class. The ability to debate with different kids from around the world is super cool and gives them real perspective. Thank you Nick and your amazing team!

Ontario parent - 2020

Allow me to express our gratitude for the online camps you started this season.  In the current situation, they allowed my son to have a very productive learning experience, that created a tangible sense of accomplishment

New York parent - 2020

Our son came home every day excited to explain what he had learned, and enthusiastic to get back to camp the next day. This camp incorporated fun, education, and an enriching experience for its campers. Outstanding camp and will highly recommend it.

Toronto parent - 2018

I enjoyed everything about it, it has been the highlight of my summer! ­

Toronto camper - 2018

I would like to thank you for offering such great summer camp for my daughter.  She has registered with her friends together to your summer camp this summer. It  was her first debate experience. I was very impressed about the high quality you offered, from facility to staff until the program designed. Although it is kind of pricey, it delivered something of high value.  Most of all, I know she is learning things not just killing time. Your debate camp is really a five star summer camp.

Ottawa parent - 2019

Our kids loved it! One of their favourite camps to date. Will definitely return next summer. :)

Ottawa parent -  2018


My daughter had a fantastic time. It was well worth it.

Vancouver parent - 2018


It was the best part of my summer! ­

Montreal camper - 2018

Thank you for a wonderful experience third year in a row! First year for my daughter and looking forward to next summer

Toronto parent - 2019

To sum it up, it has been the best learning experience/camp EVER! ­

Toronto camper - 2018


I really loved my experience at debate camp. The staff was always extremely helpful and friendly. The motions for the debate were pertinent and fun! 

Calgary parent - 2019

My son has never liked camp.  We've tried everything.  This was his one exception.  He's loved Debate Camp for 2 summers now!

Halifax parent - 2019


Thank you so much for this amazing week! My daughter loved it.

West Hartford, CT - parent  - 2018

I'm impressed that this camp offers something which presumes a natural inquisitiveness and intelligence in kids and empowers them. My son went in with great apprehension at the prospect of having to interact with new people and speak in front of them  By the end of the week he was proud at having overcome some fear of public speaking and he said he would do this camp again.

Montreal parent - 2019

A big thanks for giving all these kids a venue where their intelligence is encouraged and in such a fun way. Super worthwhile.

New York parent - 2019

I left my comfort zone and tried new things. I’ll definitely be back next year! ­

Toronto camper - 2018


Overall excellent experience for my daughter who was a beginner. Transformative week! Wish there were more weeks available, we definitely would have continued on!

Vancouver parent - 2019

My daughter loves this camp so much. Will join again for sure. Thanks a lot!

West Roxbury, MA -  parent  - 2018


My boys were skeptical they will learn anything new but that changed after day 1 of attending your camp!

Montreal parent  - 2018

My son was excited everyday before and after camp! He learned a ton and enjoyed himself. Fantastic job !

New York parent - 2019


You don’t want to leave in the afternoon, everyday of the week. ­

Montreal camper - 2018

My children learned a lot about debating and also learned interesting science arguments used during their debates. They asked to return next summer.

Calgary parent - 2018

My kids complained bitterly the first day in the morning. They complained less and less and by Wednesday they liked it but didn't want to admit it. They really loved it by Friday. My husband and I feel that it's been the best camp for them and are really happy with what they learned. Thank you!!

Boston MA, parent - 2019

My confidence has improved, and with it, my public speaking. ­

Vancouver camper - 2018

My son was confused about the whole concept of what debate camp is ( as it is not a part of school curriculum in Montreal but in other Commonwealth countries it is). After one day he was hooked and asked that he go again next year. He also loved the interactive trade/resource Box Game and wishes to do that all over again hoping next year he will!

Montreal parent - 2019

Really enjoyed it - a great experience for my son! Thanks so much!!

Providence RI, parent  - 2018

My daughter did really well, learned a lot of useful information and debating skills. She received an award and came home a very happy camper!

Edmonton -  parent  - 2018


Thrilling, exciting, and unexpectedly fun ­

Vancouver camper - 2018

My son told me that it really was “the best camp ever”, his exact words. It was so wonderful to find a camp that met my sons interests. He found his peer group, not many kids his age would get as excited about a Model UN, he wouldn’t stop talking about it! Thank you for a wonderful experience, he’s already talking about next year!

Edmonton -  parent  - 2018


My son had THE most amazing time! He didn't stop talking about how much fun he had & how much he learned after the FIRST day of camp, even telling me he took 5 pgs of notes... this from a kid that hates to write anything! He was engaged the entire week with sooo much to share that the entire family was excited to hear about camp each day.  

Providence RI, parent - 2019

Well coordinated, very enriching and provides an opportunity to develop debate skills and expand on interest. ­

Toronto camper - 2018

My son had a fantastic experience. Loved the coaches, curriculum and format. Thank you!

Fun and educational at the same time ­

Halifax parent - 2018


My boys want to go to the camp again next year!

Greenwich CT, parent - 2018


My daughter found your camp on a web search herself. She asked me to enrol her in the camp. I wasn't thrilled about the particular week in the summer, as it impacted our ability to schedule other 2 week camps. However, she absolutely loved the camp, and will be joining again next summer! Her joy and learning was evident, and was such a great time for her exact moment in her developmental stage. At 11.5 years, my daughter is breaking into new independence, and new thoughts about life, communications, politics, how society decides upon its "rules, norms, and laws". This camp gave some structure to her ideas, and most importantly, gave her a structured way to practice public speaking which I have been trying to build into all of her experiences for years. Hard to do outside of drama classes. She LOVED this camp

West Roxbury, MA -  parent  - 2018

This is the only summer activity my kid didn't complain about having to wake up for, and actually was excited/enthusiastic about! I wish it had run for longer than just one week.

Calgary parent  - 2018

My 5th/6th grader was nervous & has always clammed up when getting on stage, but not this time! He had the confidence to not only speak well, but he also volunteered for an additional speaking opportunity to explain the free-speech segment to all open house attendees! Hands-down, best camp ever & we will be back next year. Well done! 

Providence RI - parent - 2019

My daughter says this is the best camp she's ever been to, and she goes to quite a few :-)

Greenwich CT, parent - 2018

My kids are typically pretty negative about camps. However, they loved this one and one to go again next summer! 

Boston MA, parent - 2019

Our daughter attended last year for first time. She wanted to go again this year. It was impressive how much she improved. She had her mind opened to many new issues and has tremendous confidence in her ability to think them through and present in public. Fabulous experience!

Toronto parent  - 2018

Thank you for how you coordinated the whole experience. My son's comments recommend this camp as something he enjoyed a lot. It improved his speaking skills and he surprised us every day with new, sophisticated words that he has been using since.

Victoria parent  - 2018

Thank you all very much we had a great debate on our hike on the weekend ...

Vancouver parent  - 2018

My son had so much fun he says he wants to have a debate and run a model UN for his birthday party!

Victoria parent  - 2018

My child had a wonderful time at your camp and learned a lot about debate and public speaking skills, while having a ton of fun. They said wonderful things about the warm environment and engagement of your camp counsellors - kudos!

West Hartford CT, parent - 2019

Nick, thank you for giving my child an excellent experience. We look forward to next year!!

Montreal parent  - 2018

My son had an amazing week! Staff ratio to campers was ideal. Staff made the camp educational yet fun at the same time. My son returned each and every day talking about all the debates, all the arguments for /against, and all that he learned. I love that the topics were diverse and reflective of current issues. My son looked forward to going each day and was so disappointed at week's end. Having lunch included was definitely an added bonus! Will definitely return next year and for more than one session this time! Thanks to all the staff!

Calgary parent  - 2018


My son went last minute as he broke his arm and couldn’t go to Boy Scout camp. It was the most fortunate accident. Jake had a great day every day and was sad it was over.

Toronto parent  - 2018

My son thanked several times for putting him in the debate camp. He said it’s the best!

West Roxbury MA, parent  - 2018


My daughter enjoyed her camp experience. She was reluctant to go but left wanting to attend next year

Providence RI, parent  - 2018

My daughter came to camp w/ an expressive communication disorder, and was encouraged to participate fully in all of the debates and activities-but was not pressured in a way that made her feel frustrated or discouraged. We are truly impressed w/ the entire program!

Toronto parent  - 2018

We take our reviews seriously and examine them throughout the summer in attempt to make improvements along the way.  Below are some of our honest, unedited camper and parent testimonials from 2018 to 2023:

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