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As we monitor the COVID 19 situation in all regions we propose to safely operate camps, protocols may adjust accordingly.  Debate Camp will also follow all existing practices regarding injury prevention, fire and / or inclement weather response and campus security in order to keep our camp community as safe as possible.  


Outlined here is overview of Debate Camp's camper - parent - camp partnership approach to health protocols in 2022.



  • wear a mask

  • wash your hands regularly

  • stay with your camper group

  • bring your own snacks

  • please don't share things

  • stay home if not feeling well

  • follow instructions in order to help keep our camp community safe


  • complete all pre-camp  health and risk release information

  • complete all pre-camp health information forms, inclusive of vaccination / Covid related questions

  • complete daily health disclosure

  • provide your campers with their own labelled mask

  • assist with any required contact tracing requests

  • maintain open communication with Debate Camp


  • provide a mix of indoor and outdoor activities

  • stagger pick-up and drop off times if / where necessary

  • cohort campers as per health guidelines if / where necessary

  • maintain staff training and daily upkeep of 2022 health protocols

  • sanitize hands and surfaces regularly

  • maintain open communication with host schools, campers and families

Updates and further details, inclusive of sample attestation forms, risk-release forms, pick-up and drop-off times for each location will be included in the Parent Information Handbook provided at point of registration.

Further information regarding vaccination requirements and recommendations will be reviewed in Spring 2022 following all local and national guidelines and requirements. Debate Camp is happy to answer any questions regarding our approach to Covid-19 in the Summer 2022 season at