Debate Camp offers a popular intern program for those in 10th and 11th grade to gain camp experience and engage campers. 

Debate Camp's intern program is popular among former campers that want to gain camp experience before they are staff age. The intern program is paid and provides interns with the necessary training and great leadership experience for college applications. 


Debate Camp offers a select number of program staff internships each summer. 

  • Interns must have completed Grade 10 or 11

  • experience working with youth

  • competitive debate and/or public speaking experience or experience with Model UN simulations

  • strong team player 

  • willingness to learn how to design and deliver educational workshops

Internships are available at all in-person day camps and overnight camps as well as online camps. 


The Summer 2022 intern application will open on January 10th with a first priority rolling deadline of February 28th

** As of April 25 we are still accepting intern applicants for select weeks in the following locations: Calgary, Montreal, Providence, Boston, and Portland. 


We thank all interested applicants. Those selected for interviews will be contacted to arrange the next steps; typically involving a 15- 20 minute Zoom interview and/or 30-minute in-person interview; as well as references review.




2020 Intern Highlight: Chaya Tong

- Former camper 

- 2020 online intern

- 2021 Boston & online staff 

Favorite Camp Memory: My favorite camp memory was watching my campers get really excited about MUN and playing lots of competitive UNO!

Why Debate Camp: Campers learn how to think on the spot, improve at public speaking and parliamentary debate, explore Model UN, and have lots of fun! Through debate topics they will also be exposed to a wide rage of subjects from politics and government to philosophy!

2021 Intern Highlight: Dylan Burton

- Former camper

- 2021 Toronto intern 

Favorite Camp Memory: Playing chess with campers! They loved every second and enjoyed teaching me something they know a lot about which helped construct a great atmosphere for the rest of camp activities. 

Why Debate Camp: Debate Camp provides people with a unique camp experience that you won’t get elsewhere. It blends the fun, wholesome camp activities that you might expect at a traditional camp with the lifelong skills and exposure to the world that debate offers. I cherish the confidence and independence that Debate Camp taught me to this day.

2021 Intern Highlight: Hugo Hu

- Former camper 

- 2020 online intern 

- 2021 Toronto intern 

Favorite Camp Memory: Working with other staff and interns in Toronto and bonding over camper activities and program.

Why Debate Camp: Debate Camp is a fun and easygoing environment to get introduced to debate as a whole and there are a lot of fun activities other than debate at camp.

2020 Intern Highlight: Allison Wang

- Former camper 

- 2020 online intern 

- 2021 online staff 

Favorite Camp Memory: MUN was a blast! The creativity and dedication that the campers had as delegates blew my mind and we just had so much fun!

Why Debate Camp: I’m endlessly grateful for Debate Camp and for every staff member at Debate Camp. I still remember stepping into the first day of camp being shy and self-conscious at the idea of public speaking. Debate Camp allowed me to break out of my shell and develop the confidence I needed in myself.

2019 Intern Highlight: Grace Gallant

- Former camper 

- 2019 Halifax intern

- 2021 Halifax staff 

Favorite Camp Memory: Getting to work in person with amazing campers and councillors at Halifax in person camps! Being all of the aliens in model UN’s was fun too.

Why Debate Camp: Debate camp is an amazing opportunity to widen your world perspective and learn how to articulate what you’re passionate about into words! Watching kids grow to feel empowered by public speaking and comfortable to speak their opinion is the most rewarding process.

2021 Intern Highlight: Theo Fulford

- Former camper 

- 2021 Providence intern 

Favorite Camp Memory: Taking part in fun show rounds like the backwards debate or coach-your-counsellor sessions.

Why Debate Camp: It's a great learning experience to get into debate or to improve your debating skills. Beyond that, it's a fantastically fun and sociable experience - I've made friends who I stayed in contact with for years on Debate Camps.


Debate Camp is now receiving applications for Summer 2022.  Should you be a current grade 10 or grade 11 student, you can submit an application via the following form: