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BEGINNER MOTIONS (Introduction to Debate)

  • This House Believes That Santa's elves should revolt

  • This House Would ban beauty pageants

  • This House Would allow people to buy or sell their vote

  • This House Regrets the norm of happy endings in children's entertainment 

  • This House Would ban homework 

  • This House Believes That all kids should go outside for recess

  • This House Would group students by ability rather than age


  • This House Would make individuals liable for posting or forwarding inaccurate information on social media 

  • This House Supports the development and use of advanced artificial intelligence 

  • This House Would use taxation to eliminate billionaires 

  • This House Would require broadcasters to devote equal time and prominence to coverage of female
    and male professional sports 

  • This House Would make parents legally responsible for their children’s crimes 

  • This House Would replace all punishments in school with community service 


  • This House Would require companies to follow labour standards of the country their headquarters is located in rather than where their factories operate 

  • This House Would make all employee salaries public knowledge 

  • This House Would ban all political donations by corporations

  • This House Would televise criminal trials

  • This House Believes That radical change is always preferable to incremental change 

  • This House Would require a national referendum before deploying the military in a foreign conflict 

At Debate Camp, we value the importance of current affairs, and how the landscape of the world is constantly shifting. In order to make sure that our arguments, examples, and understanding of the world stay up to date, we will be posting news articles on relevant political, social, and economic dilemmas.


Find an article that made you think of Debate? Send it our way, and it just might get posted!

First virtual vote in the Commons marked by delays, technical glitches, goofs by MPs

  • Should politicians be able to vote virtually?

  • How do you think government hearings being held online affect the accessibility of government? 

    • Who has greater access?

    • Who has less access?

  • What may be the value of seeing the government operating in-person? 

  • Should court appointments be conducted virtually as well?

  • Is it better that politicians stay home with their constituents, or reside in the capital, during times of crisis?

  • What potential challenges might virtual voting bring about?


Canadian tourist returns stolen artifacts from Pompeii, blames them for 'years of bad luck'


  • Should thieves be forgiven if they return the objects they stole unprompted? What about other criminals who confess unprompted?

  • Should artifacts that were taken from their original locations be returned? What if those artifacts have been kept elsewhere for decades, or even centuries?

  • What if the entity that stole it was

    • A company?

    • A charitable organization?

    • A government?

  • Should “Nicole” have her identity hidden?

  • Does “Nicole’s” age absolve or in any way diminish her culpability?


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