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Over the course of 8 sessions (1 / week) campers learn parliamentary debate and foundational public speaking skills. Much like in-person camps, campers work in teams to generate ideas in support of, or in refutation to a selection debatable topics (new each session) as well as engage in several of our super popular games & activities.   Full descriptions of the online fall & winter semester     Debate Camps click here:


Holiday Debate Camps are 5 day programs, 2 hours each day and provide our traditional and well-loved program of Debate and Public Speaking, inclusive of games, activities and a mini-tournament at the conclusion of the week.  Offered at 3 ability levels, Online Holiday Camps offer a chance to learn Parliamentary Debate alongside students from across North America in small 1:6 teacher - student groupings.  For full descriptions and dates for Online Debate Holiday Camps - click here:


One of Debate Camp's most popular programs, Model United Nations, now has its own specialty program in both the holiday camp and semester camp model.   Model UN Camp introduces campers to various world issues and the assigns country folios to each participant.  In the mini online General Assembly, campers work towards a resolution through speeches and caucus meetings.  For full program descriptions and dates for Online Model UN Camps - click here:


At select times throughout the year, Debate Camp provides 5 day / 3 hour per day Masters Camps, reserved for highly experienced debates to receive training meant to either prepare them for competition and / or provide high level feedback suited for experienced debaters.  Suitable for campers 13+ who have attended multiple online sessions.  Dates and details on Master Camp sessions for 2022 - click here:


Debate Camp provides annual ooprtunity for campers who have sound profciency with spoken french, to engage in french language parliamentary debates.  Similar format to traditional parliamentary debate, these camps offer a valued opportunity to practice first or second language skills. Suitable for confidence french speakers, ages 12+. Dates and details for 2022 are available here:


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Debate Camp has developed enrichment programming meant to compliment the skill-sets development in debate and public speaking.  Online camps, with a similar activity-focus and student-centred approach have been developed in the subject areas of:

  • Latin

  • Philosophy

  • Politics

  • French

Full details with links to each Enrichment Camp's program descriptions, age-requirements and upcoming sessions for 2022 - please visit:



LEVELLED INSTRUCTION:  All camps divide the grades 5 - 11 registrants into 4 or more ability groups at the outset of camp.  We strive to ensure all debate partnerships and speakers opposite are at an experience level that ensures the right level of challenge. Parents may pre-register their camper into the ability group they see fit, however, Debate Camp reserves the right to ensure campers feel comfortable with their level of challenge throughout the week.   To help with this, see the following link:


INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS:  Debate workshops are designed in an interactive, student-centred way and aim to help campers develop skills in case construction, refutation and counterpoint techniques, parliamentary interruptions, tools for effective delivery and efficient research skills. 


TEAMWORK AND FEEDBACK:  Debates happen in partnership, normally in teams of 2 or 4 speakers - who work together.  Campers co-develop cases, ensure effective rebuttal and receive feedback together; often as a side - pointing out strengths of argumentation and delivery.  We aim for 3 to 4 practice rounds daily.


PRACTICE:  Debate Camp is a place to learn, and we believe one of the best ways to develop new skills is through practice and effective feedback.  At camp, debaters are on their feet, raising points, countering and developing new abilities in an active way.  We are more about this active form of learning and less about lecture-style teaching.  For a full description of the debate styles used in practice click on:


ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT:  Debate Camp is a place of new ideas. We believe that to open young minds to the world around them, particularly global issues and current events, helps in case construction and broadens possible speech topics.  

CHALLENGE BY CHOICE:  Debate camp provides countless opportunities to advocate for an idea, form a response, stand and speak on a point.  Whether in impromptu speaking games, debate feuds, or formal rounds - campers who take these opportunities get the most out of camp.


SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT:  Camp is also a supportive place, with lots of encouragement available for those who are trying new things.  Campers are coached to honour what is being said by their opponents and welcome the efforts of others, even in competition. 

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