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Since 2002, we have been prioritized the creation of a "safe space" to develop new skills. Although the world has changed a great deal, our priorities have not. 

A message from our Founding Director


UPDATED:  MARCH 21, 2021

Debate Camp is currently planning for a limited re-opening of several of our Day Camps in June, July and August 2021.  We have restricted our locations to regions in which we can safely access and generate staff teams within travel-restricted zones should these still apply in June, July and August. 


Debate Camp will continue to offer its popular Online Debate Camps across all North American (and UK) timezones throughout 2021. 

We will not be operating our popular Overnight Debate Camp in Nova Scotia in 2021.  The organization and travel-planning time required for the successful operation of these camps exceeds the present decision making time (February - April 2021) while we await clearance from government health authorities.


We are in consultation with Canadian and American recreational children's camping authorities, partner schools and government guidelines as part of our Health Partnership Plan for the safe operation of in-person camps. For locations where public health guidelines are giving indication that in-person day camps are permitted, we will open registration and contact families who have completed the online interest form.


Anticipated date for opening in-person camps for full registration is APRIL 1, 2021

We wish to thank ALL of our camper families who joined us online in 2020 - all 800+ campers we met via Zoom and continue to engage with in after-school and holiday camps.  You have ensured that Debate Camp can indeed plan ahead for future summers.  

Thank you very much for your loyalty and patience. 

All the best,


Nick Szymanis

Founding Director

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